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Applications for the Class of 2025 are now open.


About Leadership Westchester

Founded in 1996, Leadership Westchester is a rigorous, nine-month curriculum that is designed to sharpen effective leadership skills and provide participants with the clarity to define and achieve their personal and professional goals in life.
+ Class size is limited to 20 participants (of all backgrounds and experience levels).
+ In-person classes meet monthly in a central Westchester location (TBA).
+ A discount is given to applicants sponsored by a local nonprofit.
+ Applicants who are not accepted receive a full application fee refund.


Who should apply?

Find your place in the Leadership Westchester Class of 2025
More than ever we need new, diverse, and authentic voices that are prepared to lead us through whatever the new next is. All community members who live or work in Westchester are encouraged to apply to be part of Leadership Westchester.  Are you ready to lead?
Whether you are already an accomplished leader or aspire to be one, the decision to apply to Leadership Westchester and invest in yourself can have a resoundingly long-term, positive impact on your life, career, and on those around you.
How to apply to the Class of 2025?
You can apply by visiting our 2025 application portal
What is the Leadership Westchester Experience really like?
If you're considering applying to the Class of 2025 and would like to speak with a graduate of Leadership Westchester to learn more about what the Leadership Westchester participant experience is really like, please call 914-227-9310.
What is the mission of Leadership Westchester?
The mission of Leadership Westchester is to create leaders with deep self-awareness, abiding commitment, outstanding interpersonal skills, and an exceptional ability to influence others positively.
What are the benefits of Leadership Westchester?
+ It exposes you to leadership concepts taught at the top business schools.

+ It gives you a thorough understanding of nonprofit board responsibilities and key management tools to help you become a valuable resource for nonprofits.

+ It helps you prioritize what issues truly matter to you and your community and how you can make an important impact on others.

+ It brings you into a network of hundreds of prominent local business and nonprofit leaders.

+ It provides an ongoing system of support that does not end at graduation -- with access to annual ongoing opportunities to continue your professional development.

+ It is one of the best opportunities in your adult life to focus on finding clarity and defining your values, beliefs, and personal mission.
What are the tuition costs?
The tuition fee for Leadership Westchester is $2,750, although participants sponsored by nonprofit organizations or small businesses (and those unaffiliated with any company) are eligible for a reduced tuition of $2,250.
+ The Tuition Fees include all materials and meals for each session and are typically sponsored by a participant’s employer, though many apply independently.

+ A limited number of scholarship funds may be available based on financial need.

+ COMPLETE REFUND: The $250 Application Fee will be refunded by November 15, 2024, if you are not accepted into the program.
+ UPON ACCEPTANCE: If you are accepted into the program, the balance of the Tuition Fees, $2,500 or $2,000, respectively, must be paid no later than November 15, 2024.

+ To learn more about the process and the requirements to submit a complete application, please review the 2025 Online Application Here.

Leadership Westchester Program Flyer
"Leadership Westchester is a gift you give yourself that can change your life. If you live or work in Westchester and believe there's more you can be or do or impact -- take advantage of the access you have to one of the best leadership program experiences and network of leaders that you'll find anywhere."
- Jeanette Gisbert
Leadership Westchester Graduate, Class of 2009
Volunteer New York! Executive Director
A Dynamic Community

More than a certificate class:

The participants of Leadership Westchester form a dynamic, exclusive, and connected community of caring people who are active:

+ In their approach to learning and demonstrating the practice of leadership and contribution.
+ In choosing how they serve each participant's personal growth and development.
+ In creating communities that reflect their members' highest ideals and aspirations.
+ In their consideration of how they show up.


Alumni Association: LWAA
Leadership Westchester Alumni in attendance at the 2019 Volunteer Spirit Awards in Tarrytown, NY.
Leadership Westchester has a robust network of over 400 business and community leaders from every sector who make up the Leadership Westchester Alumni Association (LWAA). Each June at our Leadership Westchester Graduation event, the newest class of leaders are automatically welcomed into the LWAA as we also celebrate the alum of the year with a special award.

LWAA Benefits:

+ Through an annual calendar of exclusive networking events, continuing education workshops, and new timely events that are added periodically, alumni have the opportunity to continue to expand their impact after graduation and continue to hone their missions.
+ Leadership Roles: Graduates also have the option to play an active role in helping to steer and support the future of the LWAA and Leadership Westchester program.


Class of 2024-2025 Program Calendar

Important Program Dates:

"Half days" are from 8:30 am - 1:30 pm
"Full days" are from 8:30 am - 5:00 pm

Wednesday, October 23, 2024 - Full Day Opening Retreat
Wednesday, November 20, 2024 - Half Day
Wednesday, December 18, 2024 - Half Day
Wednesday, January 15, 2025 - Half Day
Wednesday, February 12, 2025 - Half Day
Wednesday, March 5, 2025 - Full Day
Wednesday, March 26, 2025 - Half Day
Wednesday, April 23, 2025 - Half Day (Leadership Panel)
Wednesday, May 21, 2025 - Half Day
Wednesday, June 18, 2025 - Full Day Closing Retreat
June 2025 (TBD) - Class of 2025 Graduation and Alum of the Year Celebration


Leadership Westchester is supported generously by M&T Bank & The Westchester Library System 
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