Friday, April 3, 2020  |  Tarrytown, NY
The 40th Annual Breakfast of Volunteer Champions



2020 Winners To Be Announced In Late January

For more info, please call 914-227-9307 or contact Elisabeth Vieselmeyer.


2020 Sponsorship Opportunities

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2020 Volunteer Spirit Award Categories

We believe everyone can serve. And every volunteer deserves a chance to shine!


Education & Literacy Award

Honors volunteers dedicated to education and literacy through activities including, but not limited to, tutoring, adult literacy, library-based initiatives, early childhood education, and intergenerational programs.


Going Green Award

Honors volunteers who work to protect and beautify our environment and natural surroundings, advocate for the preservation of our planet and strive to instill these values for our community.


Quality of Life Award

Honors volunteers who work to improve the quality of life in the following areas, including, but not limited to, working to reduce illness, homelessness and poverty or assisting the disabled, elderly, and veteran populations, as well as those with substance abuse problems or mental disabilities.


Social Advocacy Award

Honors volunteers who advocate for and support the righting of injustice in our community in areas such as, but not limited to, human rights, minority rights, domestic violence, housing, and job preparedness.


Transformation Award

Honors volunteers who have triumphed over personal challenges, such as, but not limited to intellectual or physical challenges, homelessness, incarceration, illness or another life-changing event, and been transformed through their volunteer service for a cause or nonprofit.


Youth Leadership Award

Honors volunteers (age 21 years or under) her/his/their outstanding volunteer service for a cause or nonprofit.




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2020 Steering Committee

Joanne Kirkpatrick, Chair

Jean Glassman

Kourtney Ketterhagen

Lydia Kris

Susan Kushner

Eunice Parkes

Abbe P. Stein, Esq.