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Volunteer New Rochelle
With its rich history and dynamic community, New Rochelle is a city where volunteerism thrives, and every individual can make an impact. Through our partnership with the City of New Rochelle, we are proud to showcase year-round volunteer opportunities that enrich the lives of New Rochelle residents and support the invaluable work of local nonprofits.


Whatever your interest or expertise, there’s a place for you to make a difference. Scroll below to explore local volunteering opportunities in New Rochelle.


If you represent a New Rochelle-based or serving organization,
please register or contact us about adding your opportunities on this page.


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Volunteer New Rochelle
Volunteer New Rochelle 2024 Impact Flyer


New Rochelle Parks Clean-up Weekend is an annual event that brings together neighbors, businesses, and community leaders in a solidified effort to beautify New Rochelle’s parks and foster civic pride.


It is one of several volunteer opportunities showcased through our Volunteer New Rochelle program, which was founded in 2016 to provide residents with year-round opportunities to volunteer where they live and support local nonprofits.






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