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Since becoming a National Day of Service, 9/11 Day has grown into the United States’ largest day of charitable service. By volunteering on 9/11 Day each year, you help support its mission to transform the anniversary of September 11 into a worldwide day of good and a symbol of American resilience -- helping to keep the spirit of all who were lost alive in our hearts and minds -- but also building on a positive legacy that can be passed down for generations upon generations to come.
Thank you to the thousands of local 9/11 Day volunteers who have made serving on 9/11 Day a part of our community. With special thanks to all volunteers who joined us as part of our 20th Anniversary of September 11, 2021 day of service and reminded us that "you can't spell community, without unity."
Let’s never forget what we’re capable of together,
-- The team at Volunteer New York!






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