Today is
Giving Tuesday
a rhyme by Volunteer New York!
Tis' the Tuesday of Giving
And all through Our Hearts
We're warmer, not colder
because YOU give with your smarts
Bridged from Nyack to New Rochelle
They wear it with pride
Because they enjoy giving back!
You too can give big
In the smallest of ways
Whether it's serving 1 hour a week
Or 1/15th your payday
Give your time, skills, voice,
dollars or goods
Give whatever you can
in your neighborhoods
And we'll multiply its value
& address real local needs . . .
Because when it's warmer, not colder --
your small gift can grow,
just like a seed . . .
So, Volunteer,
New York!
Give as much as you get
from your acts of kindness --
We will not forget
Winner of the 2015 Nonprofit Westchester Giving Tuesday Film Festival




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