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United for the Troops was created by friends and families of our Troops serving the U.S. overseas. Our sole purpose is to make life while at war a little better for our brave men and women serving in the U.S. Military by collecting food, money, and goods that the military does not provide them. Some of the items include cookies, dvdýs, cdýs, snacks, t shirts, and other food items. Through speaking with the troops the military provides them with the essentials for day to day life and many of them miss the extra amenities that they receive while at home. Our goal is to show them that we are proud of them and appreciate all of their efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas of the world being affected by this war. We do not take a political view on the war or the leaders that sent our troops to fight. We simply want to help the men and women of the armed forces get through each day with a bit of comfort that they might not have had without a little help from friends and family back home. The easiest way for us to respond to many of your questions is by phone. Sometimes we receive 5 emails with 5 different questions from the same person that could have been answered with one call. If you contact us for your first time and get a reply to call us at 845 729 4239 it would be greatly appreciated. We value and appreciate your time and support and although it sounds like old school this method is successful for us. Thank you all for you past and future support in "Bringing A Little Comport To Our Troops"

Civic & Community, Veterans & Military Families
Shrub Oak, NY, 10588