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Literacy Volunteers of the Tarrytowns (LVT)

The goal of Literacy Volunteers of America, Inc (LVA) is to train and support volunteers to be effective tutors of adults, mobilizing the talents of people who can make a significant impact on the problem of illiteracy. LVA uses a learner-centered approach and whole language philosophy in its individualized tutoring of ESL, both in one-to-one and small group instruction. In its English Second Language (ESL) Conversational English program, LVA promotes a balanced approach that gives students practice in listening and speaking skills. Students use materials in varied formats, including controlled activities and responses, and spontaneous situations which provide opportunities for real communication and self-expression. In both programs the use of Computer Assisted Instruction and other technologies is encouraged. It is imperative when using learner-centered approaches, that tutors be trained to assess the students' reading and writing levels, interests, and goals. This is done primarily through use of ESLOA (English Second Language Oral Assessment), interview techniques, listening skills, observation, and portfolio assessment. Tutors are also familiarized with lesson planning techniques as well as adult interest books. The intent of LVA's flexible approaches to tutoring is to help individual learners in a manner appropriate to their learning styles, goals, and literacy proficiencies. The ultimate aim is to help people become independent readers, writers, and speakers of English.

Adult Education
Immigrants, Refugees or Ethnic Groups
Tarrytown, NY, 10591

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