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Description Do you have a curiosity about global affairs? Lead a U.S. foreign policy discussion group today! For over 55 years, the Foreign Policy Association's Great Decisions program has brought together people and communities to encourage individuals to engage in the world around them and to think critically about the global issues facing policymakers. Each year, FPA produces the Great Decisions briefing book, examining eight U.S. foreign policy and global affairs topics. All across the U.S., discussion groups meet to consider and discuss these topics, constituting the largest civil-education network in the country. Discussion group leaders organize and lead these meetings in their communities. Become a group leader now! Skills Organizational ability: Finding a location for a group to meet, setting a schedule for meetings, keeping group members informed of important information. Interest, but not necesarilly expertise: Discussion leaders do not have to be an expert on all of the Great Decisions topics, or any one of them. Instead, they help keep the discussion focused and raise key questions to keep the discussion flowing and encourage participation from all members. Public speaking: Leading a discussion group requires that you address the group at various times to briefly summarize a topic, introduce key themes and ask questions to group members. Requirements FPA provides free materials that offer more information about starting and leading a discussion group. Download the Great Decisions Program Guide to help you get started!

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