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Volunteer Service Dog Puppy Raiser for Feb 2019 Class.

WE NEED VOLUNTEER PUPPY RAISERS FOR OUR FEBRUARY 2019 CLASS! Volunteer Puppy Raisers are critical to our producing the free Service Dogs, including hearing alert dogs, we provide to people with physical disabilities other than blindness. Please apply ASAP on our website (under Applications on Homepage), putnamservicedogs.org. We adopt mixed breed lab, golden retriever, and shepherd mix puppies from rescue organizations. Our volunteer puppy raisers are taught how to socialize the puppies to new situations and people, train the puppies, and nurture the puppies to build trusting, loving dogs. Raising a service dog puppy is a lot more work than raising a pet dog puppy. You will need to be committed to spending at least an hour/day caring for and training your puppy. You are helping to creating a superb dog that will change their recipient's life. This volunteer opportunity is for those who truly love dogs, want to make an impact, and support a great cause. The first 6 months you have the puppy are the most time and effort. You're forming a close bond with the puppy, house training it, attending the weekly classes under the direction of our Trainers, teaching your puppy obedience and beginning Service Dog Skills, and socializing it. It takes someone who really LOVES dogs, wants to learn more about dogs, is a hard worker, and is dedicated to helping others. It takes someone who is physically able to exercise a boundless energy puppy (walk 1 mile a day by 6 months of age, and run the puppy daily 5-10 minutes as well in a safe place.) This volunteer opportunity is intensive learning and spending time with a GREAT puppy. We organize our volunteer puppy raisers into classes, generally 3-4 raisers a class, so the puppies learn to work under distraction. Classes are scheduled after polling the class members for what works with their schedules. Volunteer puppy raisers will be taught how to train their puppies to achieve a high level of obedience and beginning service dog commands. Classes, led by our Trainers, are held once a week the first 6 months you have the puppy. After that, classes are held once a month, but you are expected to continue training the puppy daily, and socializing the puppy weekly. The puppies begin Formal Training at about 16 months of age, when their training will be taken over by our Trainers. They'll be taught the specific tasks they'll use to help the recipient they've been matched to, such as retrieving dropped items, assisting with dressing, turning lights on and off, opening and closing drawers and doors, etc. You'll be expected to continue caring for the puppy until it is placed with the recipient at 22-24 months of age, and to maintain its obedience skills (15 minutes daily) as well as exercising the puppy, and socializing it some (under direction from our trainers). Not every puppy will graduate, since it's asking a LOT of a dog to become a service dog. If you want to keep your puppy if it's released from our program, and you've been raising it more than 6 months, it's free. If it's been less than 6 months, the adoption fee is $550. If you don't want to keep the puppy after it's been released, we'll carefully adopt it out. There is more information about this on our website, putnamservicedogs.org, a blog article on being a puppy raiser for us, and the application (under applications on the Home Page). Or, you may express interest below.

Brewster, NY

Through 1/19/20

Development and Public Relations Volunteer

The Development and Public Relations office of Cerebral Palsy Westchester is seeking a dependable, highly self-motivated individual with strong communication skills to assist with marketing, advertising, event planning and fundraising projects. Responsibilities Assist with the planning and coordination of special events, fundraisers and meetings Assist with distribution of various marketing materials to secure community participation Prepare social media releases on special events and other agency news Manage all potential donor listings of local business establishments to secure donations Advocate and market Cerebral Palsy of Westchester’s mission to the community Develop relationships via phone, email or in person General office work Commitment Minimum of 4 hours weekly

Rye Brook, NY

Through 6/25/19

Human Resources

The Human Resource Department of Cerebral Palsy Westchester is seeking a dependable, highly self-motivated individual with strong communication and organizational skills and, has the ability to assist the agencies human resource and training department with daily tasks and projects. Responsibilities Assist with the coordination of all job fairs on and off site Provide assistance and determine agency training needs for new and current employees Assist with professional and personal reference checks Compiling and organizing data Schedule interviews and appointments Tracking applications and resumes Maintain and update employee training database General office work, filing and organizing data General help with new projects and preparing meeting agendas Commitment Minimum of 4 hours weekly

Rye Brook, NY

Through 2/14/19

Adult Service Volunteer

Cerebral Palsy of Westchester is looking for volunteers interested in working with adults with special needs. As a volunteer we work together to create an impactful tine spent that works with your scheduling needs. Various opportunities can include but never limited to reading current events, singing and dancing at karaoke, playing or teaching sports, cooking, arts & crafts and helping out at our special events.

Rye Brook, NY

Through 7/2/19

Children's program School/Preschool Volunteer

Cerebral Palsy of Westchester is looking for volunteers interested in working with children ages 3 to 21 with special needs during regular school program hour 9am to 3pm and during a six-week summer program. As a volunteer we work together to create an impactful time spent that works with your scheduling needs. Various opportunities can include but never limited to reading to our school students, singing and dancing at karaoke, playing or teaching sports, cooking, arts & crafts and helping out at our special events such as prom and graduation.

Rye Brook, NY

Through 6/28/19

Interviewer of our applicants

We're seeking a volunteer with a MSW or Counselor experience to interview the applicants for our service dogs. This will involve email, telephone, and visiting them at home if they live within an hour of our trainers. (Putnam County, Westchester, Danbury area). We will teach you what you'll need to do to assess them for us. We're seeking a kind, diplomatic person who is willing to spend up to 5 hours/month, depending on the # of applicants we receive. Our applicants will have physical disabilities other than blindness.

Brewster, NY

Through 8/15/20

Horseback Riding Program Helper

Walk next to a rider and hold his ankle or thigh during lessons to keep them from falling. Other things can be leading the horse, helping a rider brush a horse or walk a horse from the stable to the ring. The stable will train volunteers. There is opportunity to learn more and saiddle, feed etc. We have two locations one in Putnam Valley and the other in Cortlandt Manor. We provide recreational opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. The riders are children and young adults on Saturday mornings.

Cortlandt, NY

Through 8/2/19

Gathering Gently Used / Unread Magazines

IAHD's Day Hab Program in Tarrytown needs lots and lots of gently read or unread magazines appropriate for our program participants (invdividuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities). Suitable magazine titles include: Better Homes and Gardens People National Geographic Car and Driver Popular Mechanics Bon Apetit Good Housekeeping Essence Food Network Conde Nast Traveler O, The Oprah Magazine Real Simple Runner's World Road & Track Family Circle #donate books

Tarrytown, NY

Through 12/31/20

Financial Advisor

Yes She Can is a new non profit organization. We operate our job skills development program at Girl AGain, a retail store in White Plains. We need your expertise to help us create and review our financial strategy and plans. We have a book keeper and we use Quick Books. Your role would be to assist with our planning as well as provide some dicipline to our budgetting processes. We have revenue and expenses from our retail store and we seek grants and donations. Lend your expertise to our small team and help us grow. Yes She Can is dedicated to developing job skills for young women with autism. We operate Girl AGain, a resale boutique for American Girl dolls. We are located in White Plains. Volunteer can work virtually, and join meetings by conference call. Expertise in: Budgetting Budgets Financial planning Financial controls

White Plains, NY

Through 1/31/19

Board Member

We need Board Members to join Yes She Can Inc. We develop job skills for young women with autism to enable them to become employed, through our training program at Girl AGain boutique in White Plains. Founded in 2013, we are a start up organization with a critical cause. 80% of adults with autism are not employed, primarily due to lack of training designed around their learning style and social skill needs. Through our retail store we are directly teaching young women necessary business skills, as well as workplace behavior skills. We seek active board members who can contribute to our mission including expertise in workforce development, financial management, fundraising, retail, PR, and autism. Learn about us at YesSheCanInc.org

White Plains, NY

Through 2/1/19

Pet Therapy (Dog) Volunteer!

Must have a dog and must have temperament to be trained as a pet therapy dog-training provided by Red Cross in our various offices. Looking for vols who would like to do pet therapy in all the areas we serve. We do reading programs with youth, programs with the elderly as well as the military! Committment time is very flexible once training is completed with dog and owner. Training is a 6 week session taught once per week for about 2 hours per session in one of our various Red Cross offices. Volunteers are needed for this program in Westchester County.

Through 3/7/20

Vacation Relief Person for our Pups-in-Training

Our volunteer puppy raisers sometimes need someone to care for their pup for short periods of time (usually a week or less) when they go away, or have a situation that prevents them from caring for their pup. All supplies, including the pup's crate, needed will be brought with the pup when the pup is delivered to your home, so there's no expense to you, unless you want to purchase a gate to limit the pup's access in your home. We ask that you complete the puppy raiser application on our website, and indicate you want to be a vacation relief person (there's a spot on the form for your comments). The application is under applications on our Home Page on putnamservicedogs.org. We will assess you as carefully as we assess those applying to be a puppy raiser, including speaking to your references. When a puppy raiser needs someone to take their pup, we contact people on our Vacation Relief list to find someone whose schedule works with the time slot requested. You'll be spending time with a great dog, helping a great cause, and get your doggy fix for awhile.

Through 7/13/20

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