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Westmoreland Sanctuary

Westmoreland Sanctuary was established in 1957 as a not-for-profit nature center and wildlife preserve with the mission to “acquire, establish and maintain for the free use, enjoyment and appreciation of the public. . . tracts of land, including woodland and streams, as a nature sanctuary . . . to promote nature appreciation, preservation and conservation generally, for the present and future benefit and enjoyment of the public.” Today the Sanctuary maintains 640 unspoiled acres offering 7.5 miles of hiking trails that lead approximately 5,000 visitors annually past rocky cliffs, streams, ponds and fields. Westmoreland also offers a variety of environmental education, conservation and recreational programs and events serving over 10,000 students of all ages every year. Through these facilities and programs Westmoreland encourages a deeper understanding and engagement with nature and our environment.

Children & Youth Education, Environment
Mount Kisco, NY, 10549