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Rockefeller Preserve's Volunteer Environmental Stewardship Team

Join Rockefeller Preserve's Environmental Stewardship Team! Each month, work with the Rockefeller Preserve Environmental Stewardship Team on different projects including digging up invasive vines and shrubs, and planting and caring for native wildflowers and trees. Make a visible and long-term difference in your community and learn what you're doing every step of the way! No experience is necessary. On April 25th, stewards will be digging up and removing lesser celandine. Lesser celandine is a non-native invasive species that will quickly take over a forest understory if left unmanaged. It grows throughout the northeast in wetland areas and is often found in urban and semi-urban areas. Lesser celandine emerges earlier than most native plants, and may prevent the development and reproduction of other spring ephemerals, particularly smaller species like spring beauties, trilliums, and bloodroot. Meet at the Rockefeller State Park Preserve courtyard. For more information, call 914-631-1470 x107.

Pleasantville, NY

9/26/18 10:00 AM +more

Wild Oyster Survey

The NY Harbor Foundation established monitoring protocols for various oyster re-stablization projects and presence/absence studies in the NY Harbor region. Rockland County SWCD is piloting a presence/ absence study for wild oysters along the Piermont Pier in the Fall 2018. Volunteers will be trained and can apply volunteer or college credit hours for their service. Volunteers will dedicate ~1 hour for one day to monitor a segment of the shoreline along the Pier within an hour of low tide. Volunteers will visually assess the above and below and established transect line for oysers (dead or living) attached to a substrate (hard surface such as a rock etc.). They will measure the length of the oyster using a vernier caliper and record number of oystes and length on the data sheet. All materials are provided by RC SWCD.

Piermont, NY

10/8/18 9:00 AM

Garden Volunteer at Rockefeller Preserve

Rockefeller Preserve's volunteer gardening crew are looking for new volunteers to help us care for the Preserve's spectacular tree peony and fern gardens. Volunteers are particularly needed in spring and fall. No experience necessary. Please "Express Interest" below Questions? Email Julia at julia.jardine@parks.ny.gov

Pleasantville, NY

Through 11/30/18

Storm Drain Marketing Project

Storm Drain Markers make people aware that every storm drain in Rockland County empties into a river, stream, reservoir, wetland, pond or the Hudson River. A common denominator of all residents is the storm drain system in the street near our homes. Unaware, people may think that the waste goes to our sewage disposal plants, but pollutants instead go into storm drains and thus directly into our streams and rivers. The problem includes yard waste, paint, waste oil, pesticides, pet droppings and other household hazardous waste. The Rockland County Division of Environmental Resources was eager to protect Rockland County's water resources from such pollution by initiating the Storm Drain Marker Program. We created a low-tech, educational project that would emanate like a ripple in a pond - neighborhood to neighborhood. The program assists citizens and municipalities to apply storm drain markers at local storm drains. The 2-1/2 inch, round, plastic markers carry the message, "No Dumping Drains to Stream," and feature a picture of a fish. An educational brochure for distribution to residents accompanies the markers. When people see the markers and read the brochure, they will get the message that each of us can help to safeguard our water supply by ensuring, "only rain goes down the drain".

Pomona, NY

Through 12/3/18

Farm Volunteers

Hilltop Hanover Farm and Environmental Center is a working crop farm and environmental educational center located in Yorktown Heights, NY. The farm was a former dairy farm dating back to the 1600′s. Today the farm is a regional education center that offers programs on healthy and sustainable food production and teaches skills for small-scale suburban and urban farming techniques, illustrating sustainable living practices for the region and local communities. We are dedicated to donating at the minimum 10% of our produce to food pantries. Volunteers aged 13 and up are encouraged to apply Volunteers under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while volunteering. Volunteer waivers are required and can be obtained by contacting the farm or will be sent to you once you sign up for this opportunity with a valid email address. Starting in April and throughout the summer, we need volunteers who can help with planting, caring for and harvesting our crops, maintaining our gardens and helping with events. Volunteer tasks include, but are not limited to: U-Pick Volunteers: Saturdays & Sundays Harvesting Team: Tuesday, Thursday & Friday mornings Field Team (plants, weeding, watering, etc.): Monday, Wednesday and Fridays Garden Maintenance: front flower gardens Mon, Friday Weed Warriors: Wednesdays 9:30 -12noon Event assistants We need enthusiastic and committed volunteers during the growing season April - November. Become part of our farm family and help us make a difference. Click here to register for an orientation.

Yorktown Heights, NY

Through 11/23/18

Native Plant Meadow

Do you love to garden? Don't mind working outside in various types of weather? Our native plant meadow needs upkeep and maintance in order to provide the upmost benefit to our native species and pollinatiors who inhabit it! The Nature Center is seeking adult individuals who have plant experience, don't mind physical labor, and have spent time using garden tools.

Scarsdale, NY

Through 10/31/18

American eel project at Sparkill Creek (eel ladder)

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation sponsers the American eel project across the Hudson River Estuary from March-October. There are several types of project coordinated locally to support research and protection of this migratory fish species. In Rockland, there are two projects, one being the Eel Ladder project at Sparkill Creek where volunteers recieve formal training and skills to maintain a fish ladder, identify and measure American eels (typically 3-6 inches long) and relocate them above the Dam. We are seeking volunteers age 10+ to dedicate one day per week from June-October to assess the ladder. Monitoring takes ~30 minutes-1 hour and volunteers are eligbile for volunteer credit hours. Location: Ferdon Dam, 277 Ferdon Avenue, Piermont (according to Google Maps) Parking: Limited. Volunteers typically live near the stream and walk to the Dam. For those visiting, you can park at the Post Office located at (393 Piermont Ave, Piermont- near new Red walkway on Bridge Street) or street parking off on Piermont Avenue (the street on the other side of the Dam). Timeframe: ~30 minutes-1 hour Eel Relocation Information: Drop off can be on the opposite side of the dam or driven above the bridge located near the Sparkill Steakhouse and Church located off of Valentine Avenue/ Rte 340, Sparkill. Protocol: Monitoring takes place 3 times per week. Only 2 people on the platform at a time. One person can record the data. Each monitoring Team will receive an equipment package that they are in charge of for the duration of the season. Staff will provide equipment to a point person to keep for the season. A Point Person will be selected to be in charge of coordination for each monitoring day and report back to SWCD staff, Nicole Laible via phone at (845) 596-5389 (laiblen@co.rockland.ny.us) and Brianna Rosamilia via phone at (845) 596-5479 (rosamilb@co.rockland.ny.us) Method: One person pulls the line and the other navigates the line to match sure the ladder is being pulled up properly and that the hoses and not pulled out of the water (above the dam level which would break the suction/ flow of water which is needed to attract eels from entering the structure). Pull the ladder high enough to reach the bucket. Tie the line off. Remove the bungee and bucket. Check the bucket for eels and other organisms. Measure eels using ruler and refer to diagram. Note Date and Time of sampling. Note water temperature. Relocate eels using the included bucket. *Brush mesh in the bucket with a toothbrush so that it doesn’t clog. Re-attach bucket with bungee. Untie the line and lower the ladder back into the stream until the white ropes are taught. Tie off the yellow line on the cleat. Be sure to take a photo of your datasheet as you can upload information to the Google Doc online when you are done monitoring each day. Keep hardcopy datasheets and package in the gray bin locked on site.

Piermont, NY

Through 10/15/18

Stream Biomonitoring (WAVE)

The NYS Department of Environmental Conservation formalized a stream monitoring protocol to allow volunteers to collect data on the health of their local streams and rivers. The Water Assessments by Volunteer Evaluators project runs from July1-September 30th annually. Volunteers are formally trained and receive a WAVE Basic certification which empowers them to monitor streams across NY State of five years. Volunteers conduct physical, chemical and biological surveys of Rockland County's streams to monitor the current state of streams' health and assess the level of impairment. Streams are affected by the amount and type of pollutants that dissolve/flow into them, via storm drains and runoff. Pollutants include sediment resulting from soil erosion from developments and construction sites; nitrogen, phosphorous and pesticides leaching from lawns, and roadway and parking lot runoff such as car oil, and litter. The purpose for monitoring our waterways is to: Collect baseline water quality data for our streams in Rockland County. Connect citizens with their local streams through education and hands on involvement. Allow public access to water quality monitoring information for educational purposes. This program is a collaboration between The Rockland County Soil & Water Conservation District and The Rockland County Division of Environmental Resources. The program started in Spring 2006 and is in partnership with The N.Y.S. Soil and Water Conservation Committee.Volunteers can receive volunteer or college credit hours.

Pomona, NY

Through 9/30/18

Energize New Rochelle Community Volunteer

As an Energize New Rochelle volunteer, your primary goal is to increase community awareness of the opportunity for energy efficiency. There are many flexible positions available. Members are encouraged to help spread the word throughout the community and attend quarterly dinner meetings. A volunteer's job is to get more members of the community involved with the Energize New Rochelle program and understand the benefits it provides not only to homeowners but the environment as well.

New Rochelle, NY

Through 7/9/19

Energize NY Community Volunteer

As an Energize NY volunteer, your primary goal is to increase community awareness of the opportunity for energy efficiency. There are many flexible positions available. Members are encouraged to help spread the word throughout their community. A volunteer's job is to get more community members involved with the Energize NY program and understand the benefits it provides not only to homeowners but the environment as well. The municipalities involved with the Energize program in Westchester County include... Bedford, Cortlandt, Croton, Lewisboro, Mount Kisco, New Castle, New Rochelle, North Castle, North Salem, Ossining, Peekskill, Pound Ridge, Pleasantville, Somers and Yorktown.

Yorktown Heights, NY

Through 7/9/19

Help Keep Rockland Beautiful

Each year, our spring Great American Cleanup and Fall Waterways campaigns rally and support over 4,000 volunteers who remove tons of debris from our streets, parks, and waterways. Participation in the cleanup raises awareness of environmental issues and brings home the value of community service.

New City, NY

Through 5/18/19

Take it or Leave it Shed Assistant

Help reduce waste in the Town of Bedford and be the first to see the treasures left to take! The Bedford Hills Take It Or Leave It Shed is coming soon on Saturday mornings from May-October. Sign up to help: Greet customers, assess donations, assist unloading and loading, display items, report on activity. Looking for volunteers 2-3 hours between 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM one or two Saturdays a month. Will be a soft launch of program this fall, but full operation will begin May 2018.

Katonah, NY

Through 10/27/18

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