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"I've never met an animal I didn't like, and I can't say the same thing about people." -Doris Day

"Until one has loved an animal a part of one's soul remains unawakened." -Anatole France


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Volunteer Service Dog Puppy Raisers

Putnam Service Dogs is looking for volunteers to help raise its next class of puppies so it can continue to provide free service dogs to those in need. This is a volunteer opportunity that is very gratifying, indispensable to the organization, and a chance to learn a lot about dogs and live with a great dog! Putnam Service Dogs adopts mixed-breed Labrador, golden retriever, and German Shepherd puppies from rescue organizations. Volunteer puppy raisers are taught how to socialize these puppies to new situations and people, train them, and nurture them in order to build trusting, loving dogs. Volunteer expectations: Must love dogs and have a desire to learn more about them Must be a hard worker who is dedicated to helping others Must be able to physically exercise an energetic puppy by walking one mile per day by six months, as well as run the puppy daily for 5-10 minutes in a safe place Volunteer puppy raiser program: Volunteer puppy raisers learn how to form a very close bond with their pups, exercise them appropriately, socialize them to new people/dogs/experiences, train their puppies to achieve a high level of obedience and beginning service dog commands, and care for their pup. Puppy raisers attend weekly classes, led by professional trainers, once a week for the first year, with daily training at home, and weekly socializing as directed by the Putnam Service Dogs trainer. There are 3-4 puppy raisers per class, so the puppies learn to work under distraction. Class scheduled dates are determined after polling the class members for what works with their schedules. Formal training begins at about 18 months of age when puppies move to live with trainers. They'll be taught the specific tasks they'll use to help the recipient they've been matched to, such as retrieving dropped items, assisting with dressing, turning lights on and off, and opening and closing drawers and doors. #remotevolunteer

Brewster, NY


Service Dog Puppy Raiser

Volunteers raise and socialize our puppies in their homes for approximately 12-16 months. They take them out to many different places and teach them basic commands and manners. Providing our dogs with these experiences helps give them a solid foundation and prepares them for the next phase of their service dog training. There is no experience necessary Training is available #remotevolunteer

Hopewell Junction, NY


Foster a Service Dog

Volunteers are needed to foster our service dogs while they are in training. Once our dogs are between 14-18 months old and begin training with a professional BluePath trainer, they are fostered in the homes of volunteers. Three to Four times a week the foster must drop the dog off in Hopewell Junction in the morning and pick up in the late afternoon. This allows all of our dogs to live in homes and not in kennels. Dogs remain with the foster until placement as a BluePath service dog. No experience required Training is available #remotevolunteer

Hopewell Junction, NY


Temporary Service Dog Sitter

If you are not able to be a Puppy Raiser or Foster, but would like to help with one of our dogs, you can become a Sitter. Volunteer Sitters take our dogs into their homes for short periods of time to look after them when Raisers and Fosters are unavailable. No experience necessary Training is available #remotevolunteer

Hopewell Junction, NY


Horseback Riding Program Helper

SPARC provides recreational opportunities for people with developmental disabilities. On Saturday mornings, children and young adults meet for SPARC's Horseback Riding Program, where they learn how to ride horses. Horseback Riding Program Helpers walk next to riders and hold their ankles or thighs during lessons to keep them from falling. They can also help lead the horses, assist riders with brushing the animals, or walk the horses from the stables to the ring. All training will be provided; this is a great opportunity for volunteers who love animals to learn more about horses, how to saddle and feed them, and more!

Cortlandt, NY


Pet Visiting Volunteer

The senior care center needs gentle and well-behaved animals of any kind (and their owners) to be pet visitors. Pet visitors are scheduled for an hour to an hour-and-a-half on any day of the week to visit with residents. The residents enjoy visiting and playing with the pet, often reminiscing about having a pet of their own. On the first interview please bring only the photographs of your pet. For the application, a letter is required from your veterinarian stating that your animal is gentle, well-behaved, and would make a good pet visitor with the elderly. Please fill out the application and health status report (see below for attachments) and send it back via email at SRNVolunteers@jewishhome.org. Volunteer Application Health Status Report

Mamaroneck, NY


Pet Therapy Volunteer

SPARC is seeking volunteers to bring their pets to itsPet Connection program, which is designed for adults with developmental disabilities. The program is held every Thursday from 7-8 p.m. in White Plains, and there's no minimum time commitment. Pets can be a dog, bunny, bird, reptile, or other appropriate animal.

White Plains, NY


Administrative Volunteer

Adopt-A-Dog is seeking volunteers to assist with its day-to-day office tasks. If you can easily hold a conversation on the phone, be able to help with basic computer data entry, and talk about Adopt-A-Dog, please apply! Training materials and a computer will be provided, as well as a dog to keep you company.

Armonk, NY


Help Socialize Rescue Dogs

Adopt-A-Dog's puppers sure love the company of people, and it's good for them to be around new faces to help them socialize. Volunteers are needed to spend time with these furry friends, whether it's playing a game of fetch to get them moving or giving them good old-fashioned snuggles.

Armonk, NY


Youth "Dog Tails" Volunteers (Read to Dogs!)

Bring your favorite book to Adopt-A-Dog and read to furry friends!

Armonk, NY


Vacation Relief Person for our Pups-in-Training

Our volunteer puppy raisers sometimes need someone to care for their pup for short periods of time (usually a week or less) when they go away, or have a situation that prevents them from caring for their pup. All supplies, including the pup's crate, needed will be brought with the pup when the pup is delivered to your home, so there's no expense to you, unless you want to purchase a gate to limit the pup's access in your home. We ask that you complete the puppy raiser application on our website, and indicate you want to be a vacation relief person (there's a spot on the form for your comments). The application is under applications on our Home Page on putnamservicedogs.org. We will assess you as carefully as we assess those applying to be a puppy raiser, including speaking to your references. When a puppy raiser needs someone to take their pup, we contact people on our Vacation Relief list to find someone whose schedule works with the time slot requested. You'll be spending time with a great dog, helping a great cause, and get your doggy fix for awhile. #remotevolunteer