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Archive #2: State of Hunger (2020 Panel Discussion)


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With a special thank you to our panelists for offering their leadership, time, and expertise to support this panel and help lift this issue further into the public light. Click here to download panelist bios. Thank you to all who joined us on September 1, 2020 for this special #911DAY panel discussion on the alarming food insecurity spike caused by COVID-19.


  • Emily Saltzman - Deputy Director of Operations, Westchester County Executive's Office 
  • Karen Erren - CEO, Feeding Westchester 
  • Brigitte Griswold - Executive Director, Groundwork Hudson Valley  
  • Thomas Mancone - Attorney, Legal Services of the Hudson Valley 
  • Mecca (Santana) Mitchell, Esq. - SVP, Westchester Medical Center Health Network
  • Diane Serratore - Executive Director, People to People 
  • Jeanette Gisbert - Executive Director, Volunteer New York! (Moderator)










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Archive #1: Volunteering with Equity in Mind (2021 Webinar Event)
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A webinar made just in time for 2021 to the benefit of all volunteers and community members seeking to be a better neighbor and advocate in the work of social justice and equity. 
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About the webinar: The global pandemic of 2020 highlighted the glaring inequalities that exist between those that have and those that have not. In this webinar presented by Charles Curtis that was recorded live as part of the 2021 MLK Day of Service, we share volunteer tips on how to best advocate for those in our community and bridge the gap between those we serve and those who serve. We encourage all volunteers of every experience level to watch and consider the role we each play in supporting equitable outcomes.
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