Introducing the
Volunteer New York! Challenge

For the Past 65 years, we have worked to efficiently connect people of all ages and backgrounds, who want to volunteer, to nonprofits that need help to stretch their capacity and impact. Last spring we changed our name to Volunteer New York! to intensify our message and mobilize more volunteers. Even as our name has changed, the power of volunteers to create a resilient and caring community is unchanged.

And that's where YOU can make a difference. In supporting Volunteer New York!, you support our ability to mobilize volunteers from the front line to the board room, strengthen nonprofits, and make it very easy for anyone to say YES!

Volunteer New York! has always evolved to meet the changing local needs and challenges of the communities we serve. This year, more than ever, our call-to-action must inspire everyone to say YES!, to give generously, or to serve alongside family, neighbors, and friends. We hope EVERY community member will volunteer at least once per year.

And to help faciliate this goal this year we created the Volunteer New York! Challenge!

To participate you can either volunteer for at least 2-hours in 2015 or make a donation of at least $50 to support other volunteers in your community.

And if that's the minimum commitment you can make to support our mission today, it will make a big difference, and you'll feel great. The more time spent giving back in the community or the more generous the donation, the brighter the power of volunteerism will shine in our community all year long!

To new friends and long-time advocates, thank you for being a vital part of the Volunteer New York! community through your financial support and volunteer efforts.


Alisa H. Kesten
Executive Director