Volunteer New York! presents Camp Vollo, a free 2-week virtual volunteer camp experience for young changemakers.
What is VOL-LO? It's a call-to-action about inspiring Volunteers-Locally! Coming July 13 :)


Camp Details

Our easy-to-follow Camp Vollo Activity Book will include 2 weeks of structured volunteer assignments and goals to create positive impact in your community. The camp is divided into two distinct tracts for both Elementary and Middle/High School students.
10 custom DIY volunteer projects were chosen to introduce campers to a variety of local nonprofits and issues facing our community. Within the Activity Book are resources to provide additional context, as well as age-appropriate book lists to extend the discussion. Issue areas include community building, social justice and COVID-19 relief.
When: Launches July 13. Sign up on right to be notified.
Location: Your home / community
For: Elementary School Youth (ages 6-11, parental guidance suggested); Middle & High School Youth (ages 12-18)
Cost: Free (with option to pay what you wish to support Volunteer New York! programming). Some DIY volunteer projects may require common household supplies
Duration: Camp Vollo includes 2 weeks of programming, which can be completed at your own pace, or started and stopped anytime throughout this summer
Volunteer Recognition: Campers who successfully complete Camp Vollo by August 31, 2020 will receive a Changemaker Certificate, limited-edition stickers, and an exclusive invite to a Group Volunteer Project at a later date
Camp Vollo Capstone Project: As an optional final task, campers will be asked to reflect on their Vollo experience and complete an imaginative capstone exercise
Community Building: Registered campers will have access to a weekly Zoom Call led by a Vollo Counselor, in which campers have the opportunity to ask questions, share projects and service ideas, and connect virtually with other changemakers! Questions? Click here.